The Difference Between CNC Vendors and System Partners

In the sign equipment market, there are CNC vendors and there are CNC system partners. The role of the former is limited to simply supplying equipment and parts, nothing more. The role of the latter, on the other hand, is to work with sign businesses for the greater good of the industry. Ideally, such a relationship is what every sign shop should require of each of their suppliers. This is particularly the case with regard to manufacturers of computer numerical control (CNC) routers, which have become increasingly common in today’s shops.

The Evolution of Digital Finishing Technology

The Digital Finishing industry has always faced challenges when working with acrylics and other plastics. Today, advances in technology include high speed processing that enables both plastics and lightweight material cutting. Instead of using separate finishing tables, the process has evolved with the development of hybrid CNC routers that include larger routing spindles with tangential and oscillating knives.

CNCRoutershop: Unlimited Choice, Ultimate Convenience

In most industries, speedy, on time delivery of equipment and supplies is vital to avoid and reduce any possible downtime. CNCRoutershop is a solution provided by AXYZ International to allow customers to quickly order and receive necessary spare parts and consumables to keep their business running smoothly.

Purchasing Your CNC Router: 10 Pitfalls to Avoid

A CNC router is one of the most expensive investments a sign shop can make. Yet no matter how thorough the purchasing due diligence may be—with all the appropriate and applicable questions seemingly answered—a number of thorny issues can still rear its ugly head. These represent a virtual list of the top vulnerabilities that lie in wait for business owners, and can result in unnecessary expense and the loss of time and materials for the business.

Made by us – Designed by you, AXYZ CNC Routers

AXYZ offer the choice of 366,918 standard machine configurations in order to provide the unique service required by the modern manufacturer, whether it be varying process areas, cutting head options or optional production tools, AXYZ can provide a customised cnc machine with the same quality insurance as any standard CNC Router.